Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Noakes Foundation Publishes 37 Videos

Wonderful news, for those of us following the nutritional evidence trial, HPCSA v Dr Tim Noakes, because now we can see the balance of the evidence presented by the Dr Noakes in his defense.

Sadly for most people this is a painful way to access the critical information presented in the trial. For most of the readers here you'll need to understand what the fuss is about. I explain that here, "HPCSA v Prof. Tim Noakes in Context - Challenging Beliefs."

I've tried to make the videos more accessible by adding notes and some of the graphics Dr Noakes uses in his disposition. The beginning is a good place to start.

Here is another quick summary of the positions of the two parties in dispute.

Prof. Tim Noakes then goes on to explain what Insulin Resistance is and how that affects our health. He also demonstrates the ketone production is a normal process, normal in breast-fed babies and normal for people eating a diet based on animal based foods. The human body has two modes of normal metabolism, glucose burning and fatty acid burning. The Banting diet encourages people who have problems controlling their weight or who are insulin resistant, or type two diabetic, or who have metabolic syndrome, to learn how to eat a diet that limits glucose in the blood, and to minimise the production of insulin.

Ketosis oils

Yalow and Berson, in 1965, demonstrated that in a low insulin environment (they called it negative insulin) the body produces ketones from fatty acids, and that ketones become the major energy source for the body and the brain. It remains true that the brain needs a small amount of glucose to function well, but when using the ketosis metabolism, the brain conserves glucose and ketones produce more than 80% of the required energy.

The new material begins with video 39, talking about the importance of high quality research, and there a thirty new parts to the evidence that Dr Noakes gives. In addition there are sixteen new videos with the evidence of Dr Zoe Harcombe, Nina Teicholz and Dr Caryn Zinn.

This is a goldmine of new material for those of us who are not health science professionals. If the videos are 15min each that's about 12 hours of viewing. That's a lot of time, and the material is repetitive. There is value in that, learning increases when you re-learn the same key ideas over and over. We all need a new nutritional education much more than we need a new diet. Once your education is complete, you will know how to discover the best diet for yourself and your lifestyle. If you give me a few weeks I'll publish, a guide to the videos, for you.

Meanwhile I still recommend, again, beginning with the Take Out Diet. That will get you 70% or more on the journey to Banting. Use four to six months on the Take Out Diet, to improve your nutritional education. Hugh Butlers book is a good resource of simple, short, and scientifically valid chapters. When you think you understand the philosophy and the methods behind Banting, you should begin to practise that lifestyle.

I recommend joining the Banting Forum I've established. We all need encouragement and support. For the same reason, if you can afford it, go to the Real Meal Revolution and take their excellent six week Banting Nutrition course.

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