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Change Your Thinking, Change your Actions, Change who you are Becoming

If we have weight problems, the cause is faulty information that we believe is good health knowledge. We've all been indoctrinated. The news media, official government and medical sources, your doctor, the shelves in the supermarket, continually give you "information" that misdirects your ability to make good dietary choices.

If you can discover for yourself a more healthy diet, you and probably add 10 or 12 years of healthy life-span, to your life. I believe I've been able to do that. Time will tell.

Your knowledge tree has taken a lifetime to build. Our whole society has been misdirected by a faulty dietary theory, that is usually blamed on localAncel Keys in the USA. Fifty years ago, that eating fat makes you fat, an idea that seemed to be logical enough at the time. The mathematical and physics based principle that calories are calories, and therefore obesity was all about the failure to balance eating and exercise, had and still has, very wide support. These ideas are based on "common sense," not on any scientific knowledge. Sadly common sense, lets us down.

Diets don't work for a very good reason. I can tell you what to eat, and how to eat, in five minutes, but no matter how hard you try, you can't do it. Underneath any new dietary information, is a lifetime of previous learning much of directly conflicting with what you've just been told. After a few days, a week, or a month, the learning of a lifetime comes back to dominate what you do.

To succeed you have to unlearn a lot of stuff that you "know," but is causing you problems. ALL of this "knowledge" you've built up is there for a reason. It's there because you, your family, the community around you, agree with you, that this "knowledge is good." You are confident that you KNOW what a healthy diet is. Almost all of us, would make very similar lists, of good things to eat and bad things to eat. So if we are right, we should all be healthy and obesity should be rare.

But that's not the case. 11% are type 2 diabetic, 36% are overweight, and a further 33% are obese. What we KNOW is letting us down. Yet our minds won't allow us to learn better nutrition facts. When we are told that saturated fat is a good element of our new diet, we rebel. That can't be so, we tell ourselves. Our prior indoctrination forbids us learning what we need to learn, and stops us knowing what a more healthy diet might be like.

You can't clean-out a lifetime of faulty knowledge over-night. You have to slowly identify where that knowledge is and quietly prune it away, so you can replace it with better knowledge. Learning is an ACTIVE process, reading, writing, discussing, doing small practical experiments, keeping records. Slowly proving for yourself what works and what doesn't work. That's the principle behind the Take Out Diet.

If you proceed in a sensible way, step by step, you'll discover for yourself a diet that helps you reduce your weight, and to easily maintain that weight without hunger, or sense of going without the foods you love.

This self discovered diet, is one that you will be able to maintain over a long period. That's possible because in the process of learning you have changed your knowledge, the way you talk about food, and the habitual choices your make when choosing food. You will have demonstrated the success of your ideas in your own better health. You will have changed your the health outlook for your future life.

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