Friday, 22 April 2016

What you Think you Know - is Probably Wrong

WWW LinkI'm delighted to come across Zoë Harcombe's website and the important work she has been doing since at least 2010. Her web site like mine, tries to give you good information. When I first visited it's a bit overwhelming, and I guess my site suffers that way too. But if you quietly follow the links, she talks a lot to good sense. She also offers a great deal of access to technical documents, which may or may not be an advantage.

Enjoy this short video.

Zoë Harcombe's intro to The Obesity Epidemic


Input v output, localcalories in v calories out, does NOT explain obesity, or help anyone to lose weight.

Exercise is not a sensible or practical way to control your weight.

Eating fatty food, does NOT clog your arteries, or put fat on your hips.

Diets may be restrictive but diets do not have to be boring. High-fat diets are delicious.

Calorie restrictive diets ALWAYS FAIL, and for very good scientific reasons.

Note Also:

The causes of heart disease are not known, but we do know it's not cholesterol and it's not the fat in your diet.

The cause of diabetes is known. The standard treatment of diabetes for the last 50 years is wrong. localType 2 diabetes is entirely curable by diet alone. (There's no profit for drug companies in that, so a dietary cure not recommended.)

Sugar and flour are an excessive part of our diet. If you are young, eat them in moderation, or small portions. If you are older and you have any ONE of the symptoms of localmetabolic syndrome, cut sugar OUT of your diet and strongly limit carbohydrates in your diet. If you already have diabetes, do that even more vigorously, locallearn to live in ketosis.

ALL of us, suffer from food propaganda, that misleads us in our quest for better health. Your knowledge is supposed to protect you from harm. But bad knowledge leaves you open to harm, and in nutrition, bad knowledge is everywhere. Until about 15 years ago, nutrition was mostly science free. What is published in newspapers and magazines, about weight control, remains almost entirely science free, even today. As Zoë Harcombe explains, almost all the dietary knowledge we have is NOT science based, although, like the calories in v calories out idea, it looks like science on the surface.

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  1. After I wrote this post I found Zoe's informative posts, difficult to read, because I think she's fighting the powers that be in the UK, and she's determined to back her statements with evidence and to justify her position with research. That makes it difficult for the average reader. I hope the stuff I write is easier to read and digest.


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