Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Self-Discovered Diet

You all know the saying, "Diets never work." That's true only because your food choices are a reflection of you, and all your acquired past knowledge.

If I tell you how to eat in a healthier way, and I can do that in 3-5 minutes, it's a waste of time, because even if you understand what I'm saying, you still can't do it. What I've told you becomes absorbed into the knowledge of a lifetime, and is overwhelmed by all the acquired knowledge you have, much of it leading you in wrong directions. For instance, people commonly have locala poor understanding of normal health, accepting quite poor health as normal. In the same way, localwe often expect poor health among older people when we should not.

In talking to people, I often tell people things they should do, that they agree to do, but they don't do it. Why?

Firstly, all the acquired knowledge of a lifetime, tells you that you already KNOW, how to eat in a healthy way. So what I might have to say must be nonsense, or impossible for you to do.

Secondly, you trust your doctor or your dietitian, or the advice your mother gave you. You know that they wouldn't put you wrong. If Open Future Health really had a dietary solution everyone could use, lots of people would be doing it already, and your trusted adviser would tell you about it. In 2005, localDoctor Annika Dahlqvist, found it's not quite that easy. Powerful forces prevent new knowledge becoming widely known.

Thirdly, most people seem to believe that good health is not something they have much control over, unless one likes to do a lot of exercise. I'm OK like I am. I'm not "very healthy" but I'm never sick either, so what's to worry about?

As I said what we think, and what we decide to do is a reflection of all our past knowledge. The three paragraphs above are a tiny fraction of the sort of thinking that keeps us trapped in our old knowledge and in our old ways of behaving. So there can be no progress unless you let it happen. You hold the key. It's between your left ear and your right ear. All you need to do is use it. Give yourself permission to use it.

Then you need to do a lot of reading, and talking and learning. As you learn you need to try some of the new things, you've been told about in your own life. Read, think, discuss, plan, act, and see what happens. Along the way, you'll discover some of the things you believe now, are not valid. Cut those ideas out of your knowledge tree. You can do it. Only you can do it.

As you go along, if you are getting good advice from somewhere, you should be able to make steady progress in discovering a diet that works much better for YOU. Your own personal "self-discovered diet." That's the point.

Your Self-Discovered Diet, will be a diet you can apply in your life, successfully. You will have done a great deal to remove from your lifetime of acquired knowledge, those wrong ideas that prevent you from eating in a healthy way. Even if your "self-discovered diet" isn't yet the perfect diet in some ways, because it's your diet, you can fix it.

So where does localOpen Future Health, or WWW LinkThe Real Meal Revolution, or the Keto Diet movement world wide come in? There is a lot to learn, a lot of science, a lot of practice experience, and lot of food tips, many new ways of cooking and baking and making real food for the whole family. There is help available. Many Books, web sites, videos, all the information you need. Too much really, overwhelming.

To make the best progress, in an easy way, I suggest you join an Open Future Health Forum. A place to ask for direction when you are not sure what to decide. localIn the $20 a year forum, there is no personal advice, but there is group advice, and for some of you that will be enough. If you need, and want someone to take a personal interest in you, that will cost quite a bit more. Ask for what you need.

The question now, is simple. Will you give yourself permission to do it?

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  1. Are you secretly trying to find a better diet on your own? One of the things I think I'm discovering is that secret eating habit change is very common. Why? Because what you eat is who you are. It's very personal.

    However, that's one reason why diets fail. The ability to talk about what you are trying to do, is a sign that you are in control, and that you are beyond having some deep dark guilty secret, about all your dietary failures. Dietary failure is written into the way our entire society is structured. You cannot succeed against the social pressure to "be normal" and eat the same "healthy diet" everyone else eats, with the result. That you get fat, you get sick and you die too early; like everyone else.

    The social pressure to "be normal" is enormous. Being normal makes you over-weight. All of us need support to overcome that. My support is YOU. Writing this blog, continues my nutrition education, and supports me in maintaining my weight loss, and my good health. What have you got like that? Please, take my advice and join one of the Open Future Forums.


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