Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why Can't We Get Diet and Nutrition Right

This young nutrition researcher is Heather Jacobsen, and she spoke to a small audience at TEDxAlbany, in January, 2016.

In the first five minutes she explains exactly why people get fat. She also explains why that is totally unnecessary, if you just understand how insulin works in your body.

I've told hundreds of people exactly this. but they NEVER get it. You won't get it either. The propaganda of our society for all of your life has told you a different story. Every time you have to make a food choice decision, the habits of a lifetime decide for you. You might intellectually know better, but your old habits control what you do. You have to learn and re-learn, and practice and re-learn, and experiment, and re-learn; to erase the bad knowledge of a lifetime. That takes time and effort. It's simple but also hard to do.

BAD information is embedded in the system, it's all around you. localPlease join one of our forums. Connect yourself to consistent solid, scientifically based food nutritional information. PROPER KNOWLEDGE about nutrition will allow you to improve your diet.

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