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Obesity and Diabetes Can be Avoided

Success and failure are driven by the same things, the situation you are in, how well you understand that situation, the quality of your knowledge, and how hard you are prepared to work.

With regard to our nutrition, we have often understood the situation we are in, but the information about how to change our situation has been faulty. So no matter how hard we try, we continually fail.

Here is a very simple graph, that demonstrates how badly we are getting our nutrition wrong. The diet we have been encouraged to eat, works when we are young, but as we age it makes us carbohydrate intolerant. The more severe that is the fatter we get. Overweight, becomes obese, becomes type 2 diabetes, becomes many "illnesses" and early death. The CAUSE is the change in our diet. I believe because of the way supermarkets advertise and promote food sales. They want to SELL MORE, and they do so by feeding you misleading propaganda about what you should be eating.

"Everybody knows what a healthy diet is!" People I meet ALL believe they already know what a healthy diet is. If you KNOW, that forbids you looking for a diet that's better than the one you are currently eating. As the late Waldo Salt said, "You can only search for truth after you know you've lost it."

So if you believe you are eating a healthy diet, NOTHING anyone can say will convince you otherwise until you discover for yourself that your current diet is NOT healthy. IF you look honestly that evidence is often present, but people can't see it. localIf you are developing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, in 20 years (or less) your faulty diet will make you fatter than you should be, older than your age, and sick with five or more "lifestyle diseases." You'll be permanently on medication from the time you are 70 until the time you die. The pharmaceutical companies will be overjoyed.

Old man in Poor Health
It need not be like that. We do not know scientifically, what the best long term diet is. But we do know, that 40 years of trying to prove that a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet is healthy has never succeeded. Better than that, the localWomen's Health Initiative, a study designed to prove how HEALTHY a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet was, after seven years was abandoned because the results clearly demonstrated that this recommended diet "Has no health benefits."

That's precisely the diet most people are still eating, claiming that it's a "healthy diet."

You can't begin to look for a better diet, if you believe that your present diet is healthy.

If you don't know what to look for, making that discovery will take you maybe 20 years, and by then you'll be old and sick and wondering why? Even so. At ANY AGE, if you transfer from a faulty diet to a better formulated diet, your health will improve. Improve quickly, in weeks and months, not many years. But over several years, the benefits will also accumulate.

localI recommend that you join the Open Future Health, Better Health Forum. It costs the princely sum of $10.00 a year. It will allow you to slowly and quietly learn more about nutrition and to carry our some personal experiments for yourself. If there is a better diet, YOU have to discover it. That's an active learning process, nobody can give it to you, you have to earn it.

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