Monday, 7 March 2016

Hot Cross Buns

Two years ago our household would have eaten perhaps four dozen hot cross buns in the month of April, and there are only two of us.

Last year we might have eaten two dozen or a little more. We were certainly thinking about reducing the carbohydrate in our diet.

A Hot Cross Bun - Forbidden
Last week Carolyn came home with 6 buns in a pack. They didn't look appetizing to me. However, I decided to try one. I sliced it open, buttered both halves, added a few sultanas, and indulged myself. Not quite; it was nice, but not as enjoyable as I anticipated. About 20 minutes later, I felt like I needed another one. That's the trap when you eat carbohydrates. You get a glucose hit, and as the glucose level in the blood falls you crave for more. It was easy to ignore that temptation.

Living in Ketosis

I've been living in localketosis for about five or six months now. The immediate thing you notice is that you are never hungry. I eat more out of habit than necessity. But we often have meals late, and many people in ketosis cut back to two meals a day.

For myself I notice that I don't crave carbohydrates or sweet things at all. But, I do crave things like a quarter apple, or half a nectarine. Very ordinary meals, vegetables and meat, look delicious on the plate. Much more so than my meals used to look. My body knows what it needs, and looks forward to that.

I'm not able to measure my output of ketones. It's too expensive at this time. However, with my daily intake of carbohydrates less than 50gm most days, I'm sure that I'm almost always in ketosis.

My localhomeostatic setting has changed. I'm not sure, but perhaps it's taken 3-4 months. I know that because now it's very easy to eat this low-carb diet, and not feel that I'm missing out on anything I really want to eat. Yet, if I do on occasion break the diet, I seem to get away with it. For instance at a birthday party. Everyone has to eat the cake. I've found that I can, and my system, which is not insulin resistant, is able to cope with the glucose spike, and tuck that glucose away, without reverting back to a glucose metabolism.

The longer I've been in ketosis the easier it gets.

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