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A story I've been telling

I'm looking for people who need better weight control. People are inclined to dismiss the topic, because there was lot of nonsense told about weight loss in the past. Some of that officially sanctioned nonsense, from people who were supposed to be medical and dietary experts.

The Banting Diet, a real food diet, is based on the same new science as the New Atkins Diet. The Banting Diet makes no attempt to sell you a range of products to achieve your objectives. Shop where you usually shop. The Banting Diet is an educational and support programme, and I'm sure you'll be thrilled by the results.

But to succeed there's a good bit of unlearning most of us will need to do. You might ask why?

Remember that Dr Robert Atkins, promoted a diet similar to this in the 1970's. The medical authorities called him a quack, in some parts of the USA they tried to stop him practicing. That's because the authorities were convinced that a low-fat (to prevent heart disease) and high carbohydrate (to give you energy) diet, was the most healthy diet.

It's a long story, Nina Teicholtz tells it in 406 pages, in her book "The Big Fat Surprise." I'll give you the key understanding by telling you about only two studies. The first, the very famous localFramingham Heart Study. Begun in 1948, intended to PROVE that a low fat diet, that was also a low cholesterol diet, was a heart healthy diet. Thirty, years later they reversed themselves on total cholesterol. Surprise one, people with higher total cholesterol suffered fewer heart attacks and lived longer than those with low cholesterol. How could that be?

By now the science had improved, and they were measuring HDL-Cholesterol and LDL-Cholesterol. HDL-Cholesterol was definitely protective of your life. So maybe, LDL-Cholesterol was "bad". For the last 25 years, statins have been issued to millions of people on that assumption, which turns out to be (most probably) wrong. The LDL-Cholesterol itself is harmless, but maybe the small dense particles it contains are harmful. Case not proven either way at the moment.


So after 40 years the localFramingham study is producing lots of results, many of them highly confusing, and not what researchers expected. So they decided to design another study, a "Rolls Royce" study, with good controls, that would give better and more definite results than they could get from Framingham. They called it localThe Women's Health Initiative, and almost 50,000 post menopausal women were chosen to take part. The study was initially funded for 10 years, starting in 1991.

There were two groups, those on the recommended diet (low-fat high-carbohydrate, and low cholesterol), and those who could do what they liked. After eight years the study was stopped. Women on the recommended diet were dying earlier than those who were not. They also had more heart attacks. This result astounded researchers. They couldn't believe their own results, and so although the study was stopped (The researchers had a duty of care to the participants.) their results were not published until 2006. At that time they said, "The recommended diet has no health benefits," that is surprise number two.

After 1998, there was for the first time in 40 years and incentive for dietary research of a different nature. Key researchers were localDr Stephen Phinney, localDr Jeff Volek, and Dr Eric Westman, who together wrote the book giving "The New Atkins Diet" it's scientific backbone. To those three I add the name localDr Tim Noakes, a very famous expert in sports medicine and physiology in South Africa. Noakes, with Jonno Proudfoot (chef) and Sally-Ann Creed (Dietician) developed in South Africa, wwwThe Real Meal Revolution, and the localBanting Diet, based on the latest dietary science.

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