Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why Can't We Get Diet and Nutrition Right

This young nutrition researcher is Heather Jacobsen, and she spoke to a small audience at TEDxAlbany, in January, 2016.

In the first five minutes she explains exactly why people get fat. She also explains why that is totally unnecessary, if you just understand how insulin works in your body.

I've told hundreds of people exactly this. but they NEVER get it. You won't get it either. The propaganda of our society for all of your life has told you a different story. Every time you have to make a food choice decision, the habits of a lifetime decide for you. You might intellectually know better, but your old habits control what you do. You have to learn and re-learn, and practice and re-learn, and experiment, and re-learn; to erase the bad knowledge of a lifetime. That takes time and effort. It's simple but also hard to do.

BAD information is embedded in the system, it's all around you. localPlease join one of our forums. Connect yourself to consistent solid, scientifically based food nutritional information. PROPER KNOWLEDGE about nutrition will allow you to improve your diet.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Obesity and Diabetes Can be Avoided

Success and failure are driven by the same things, the situation you are in, how well you understand that situation, the quality of your knowledge, and how hard you are prepared to work.

With regard to our nutrition, we have often understood the situation we are in, but the information about how to change our situation has been faulty. So no matter how hard we try, we continually fail.

Here is a very simple graph, that demonstrates how badly we are getting our nutrition wrong. The diet we have been encouraged to eat, works when we are young, but as we age it makes us carbohydrate intolerant. The more severe that is the fatter we get. Overweight, becomes obese, becomes type 2 diabetes, becomes many "illnesses" and early death. The CAUSE is the change in our diet. I believe because of the way supermarkets advertise and promote food sales. They want to SELL MORE, and they do so by feeding you misleading propaganda about what you should be eating.

"Everybody knows what a healthy diet is!" People I meet ALL believe they already know what a healthy diet is. If you KNOW, that forbids you looking for a diet that's better than the one you are currently eating. As the late Waldo Salt said, "You can only search for truth after you know you've lost it."

So if you believe you are eating a healthy diet, NOTHING anyone can say will convince you otherwise until you discover for yourself that your current diet is NOT healthy. IF you look honestly that evidence is often present, but people can't see it. localIf you are developing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, in 20 years (or less) your faulty diet will make you fatter than you should be, older than your age, and sick with five or more "lifestyle diseases." You'll be permanently on medication from the time you are 70 until the time you die. The pharmaceutical companies will be overjoyed.

Old man in Poor Health
It need not be like that. We do not know scientifically, what the best long term diet is. But we do know, that 40 years of trying to prove that a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet is healthy has never succeeded. Better than that, the localWomen's Health Initiative, a study designed to prove how HEALTHY a low-fat high-carbohydrate diet was, after seven years was abandoned because the results clearly demonstrated that this recommended diet "Has no health benefits."

That's precisely the diet most people are still eating, claiming that it's a "healthy diet."

You can't begin to look for a better diet, if you believe that your present diet is healthy.

If you don't know what to look for, making that discovery will take you maybe 20 years, and by then you'll be old and sick and wondering why? Even so. At ANY AGE, if you transfer from a faulty diet to a better formulated diet, your health will improve. Improve quickly, in weeks and months, not many years. But over several years, the benefits will also accumulate.

localI recommend that you join the Open Future Health, Better Health Forum. It costs the princely sum of $10.00 a year. It will allow you to slowly and quietly learn more about nutrition and to carry our some personal experiments for yourself. If there is a better diet, YOU have to discover it. That's an active learning process, nobody can give it to you, you have to earn it.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Change Your Breakfast, the first step for Better Weight Control

Your body tries to maintain a stable state. localHomeostasis is the name given to the series of set points the body tries to maintain, body temperature, blood pressure, weight, and blood sugar are good examples.

Blood sugar, should be constant, about 1.5 teaspoons (6gm) of glucose in your entire blood system. If you eat a high carbohydrate meal, potatoes, bread, and followed that with a desert, you can easily add the equivalent of 15 to 20 teaspoons of glucose to your system. That creates an emergency, and in healthy people, the hormone insulin, copes with the crisis, using glucose as energy, storing some of it as glycogen, and putting the rest on your hips as fat, crisis over.

When you wake in the morning after an overnight fast, your blood sugar should be normal, insulin will be "off" and you will be burning fatty-acids as fuel. The secret of a weight loss breakfast, is to keep that process running until at least lunch time.

One alternative is to skip breakfast, but if you eat a muffin at morning tea, or take sugar in your coffee, you've wasted the effort.

Breakfast Eggs
You MUST NOT, have porridge, weet-bix, toast, bagels, museli or any form of grain or sugar in your breakfast. If you do, you'll turn insulin "on" and for a time, fatty-acid burning will stop.

An easy breakfast is bacon and eggs. For variety you can dress that up in some way; adding spinach, or kale or silver-beet to the pan with the bacon, is a good idea. You can have tomatoes, or egg plant or zuchini for a change.

I like to eat more offal meats, so I might have black pudding, or chicken livers, lambs fry, or hearts, to make a change. When I first did this my meals were too big. Much more than I needed. One strip of bacon and one egg is enough for me, but I often have something else for variety like a tomato too. This is very nutriment dense food with high energy content. You will find that skipping morning tea is easy to do. Skipping meals is also easy, for instance it's now 1.30pm and I have not had lunch yet. I will have lunch, but I'm not hungry.

Don't add any sugar to your tea or coffee. If you are hungry, add a tablespoon of butter, or coconut oil to your hot drink. We call that saturated coffee, or sometimes bullet proof coffee.

That takes you to lunch time. Can you think of a lunch that does not involve eating bread, pastry, biscuits, and potatoes? Salad and a small tin of salmon for instance. Keep insulin "off" for as long as you can.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Hot Cross Buns

Two years ago our household would have eaten perhaps four dozen hot cross buns in the month of April, and there are only two of us.

Last year we might have eaten two dozen or a little more. We were certainly thinking about reducing the carbohydrate in our diet.

A Hot Cross Bun - Forbidden
Last week Carolyn came home with 6 buns in a pack. They didn't look appetizing to me. However, I decided to try one. I sliced it open, buttered both halves, added a few sultanas, and indulged myself. Not quite; it was nice, but not as enjoyable as I anticipated. About 20 minutes later, I felt like I needed another one. That's the trap when you eat carbohydrates. You get a glucose hit, and as the glucose level in the blood falls you crave for more. It was easy to ignore that temptation.

Living in Ketosis

I've been living in localketosis for about five or six months now. The immediate thing you notice is that you are never hungry. I eat more out of habit than necessity. But we often have meals late, and many people in ketosis cut back to two meals a day.

For myself I notice that I don't crave carbohydrates or sweet things at all. But, I do crave things like a quarter apple, or half a nectarine. Very ordinary meals, vegetables and meat, look delicious on the plate. Much more so than my meals used to look. My body knows what it needs, and looks forward to that.

I'm not able to measure my output of ketones. It's too expensive at this time. However, with my daily intake of carbohydrates less than 50gm most days, I'm sure that I'm almost always in ketosis.

My localhomeostatic setting has changed. I'm not sure, but perhaps it's taken 3-4 months. I know that because now it's very easy to eat this low-carb diet, and not feel that I'm missing out on anything I really want to eat. Yet, if I do on occasion break the diet, I seem to get away with it. For instance at a birthday party. Everyone has to eat the cake. I've found that I can, and my system, which is not insulin resistant, is able to cope with the glucose spike, and tuck that glucose away, without reverting back to a glucose metabolism.

The longer I've been in ketosis the easier it gets.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

A story I've been telling

I'm looking for people who need better weight control. People are inclined to dismiss the topic, because there was lot of nonsense told about weight loss in the past. Some of that officially sanctioned nonsense, from people who were supposed to be medical and dietary experts.

The Banting Diet, a real food diet, is based on the same new science as the New Atkins Diet. The Banting Diet makes no attempt to sell you a range of products to achieve your objectives. Shop where you usually shop. The Banting Diet is an educational and support programme, and I'm sure you'll be thrilled by the results.

But to succeed there's a good bit of unlearning most of us will need to do. You might ask why?

Remember that Dr Robert Atkins, promoted a diet similar to this in the 1970's. The medical authorities called him a quack, in some parts of the USA they tried to stop him practicing. That's because the authorities were convinced that a low-fat (to prevent heart disease) and high carbohydrate (to give you energy) diet, was the most healthy diet.

It's a long story, Nina Teicholtz tells it in 406 pages, in her book "The Big Fat Surprise." I'll give you the key understanding by telling you about only two studies. The first, the very famous localFramingham Heart Study. Begun in 1948, intended to PROVE that a low fat diet, that was also a low cholesterol diet, was a heart healthy diet. Thirty, years later they reversed themselves on total cholesterol. Surprise one, people with higher total cholesterol suffered fewer heart attacks and lived longer than those with low cholesterol. How could that be?

By now the science had improved, and they were measuring HDL-Cholesterol and LDL-Cholesterol. HDL-Cholesterol was definitely protective of your life. So maybe, LDL-Cholesterol was "bad". For the last 25 years, statins have been issued to millions of people on that assumption, which turns out to be (most probably) wrong. The LDL-Cholesterol itself is harmless, but maybe the small dense particles it contains are harmful. Case not proven either way at the moment.


So after 40 years the localFramingham study is producing lots of results, many of them highly confusing, and not what researchers expected. So they decided to design another study, a "Rolls Royce" study, with good controls, that would give better and more definite results than they could get from Framingham. They called it localThe Women's Health Initiative, and almost 50,000 post menopausal women were chosen to take part. The study was initially funded for 10 years, starting in 1991.

There were two groups, those on the recommended diet (low-fat high-carbohydrate, and low cholesterol), and those who could do what they liked. After eight years the study was stopped. Women on the recommended diet were dying earlier than those who were not. They also had more heart attacks. This result astounded researchers. They couldn't believe their own results, and so although the study was stopped (The researchers had a duty of care to the participants.) their results were not published until 2006. At that time they said, "The recommended diet has no health benefits," that is surprise number two.

After 1998, there was for the first time in 40 years and incentive for dietary research of a different nature. Key researchers were localDr Stephen Phinney, localDr Jeff Volek, and Dr Eric Westman, who together wrote the book giving "The New Atkins Diet" it's scientific backbone. To those three I add the name localDr Tim Noakes, a very famous expert in sports medicine and physiology in South Africa. Noakes, with Jonno Proudfoot (chef) and Sally-Ann Creed (Dietician) developed in South Africa, wwwThe Real Meal Revolution, and the localBanting Diet, based on the latest dietary science.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Beginning of a Health Blog

Three years ago I was offered a "free trial" of a Stemtech product, and to humour to person who offered it to me, I agreed to take the sample. Surprise! Some remarkable things happened.

Over the next year my health went from good to very good. Once I realised that I could actively improve my health status, I began to look for other ways to do that. Over the next year I changed a lot of things, far too many. But my health did improve.

I was so pleased that I ordered a full medical health check with my Doctor. He confirmed what I knew, that my health was excellent, but of course now I had some numbers to support that intuition.


Generally, localpeople don't believe that their health can be improved. You give people good advice but they can't accept it. You tell people where to get good information for themselves, but they never bother to look. They have no faith that any better "health" than the one they are experiencing is possible.

I've discovered that there are many rungs on the health ladder, many of them far above, the sort of health I once understood, to be me at my best. That's a real surprise. I now believe that we don't need to get sick in our 60's and 70's. localWe can be healthy and well until very late in life.

Nutrition is the Key

About 18 months ago, I was experimenting with my diet. I was forced into that by an allergic reaction to "me" I think. My immune system became over active, I had a rash all over my body, and it lasted for months. I tried all manner of dietary restrictions to try and find out what was causing it. Now I think, "none of those."

But, we had some success with gluten free, and it seemed even better if I was free of all cereals and flour.

Now I discovered that there was something called a Ketogenic Diet, that was used for weight loss, and to help type 2 diabetics control their blood sugars.

I listened to localDr Tim Noakes explain all of the theory on a video. I was impressed, but that wasn't at all what I was intending to do.

However, encouraged by the rash I couldn't prevent, I ended up following the Local FileBanting Diet, promoted by The Real Meal Revolution. It's a really good programme, and that's why a year later, this web site exists.

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